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Alarcon Urology is a nationally recognized leader in the prevention, detection, and treatment of urologic conditions. The Alarcon Urology Center offers a number of patient-focused urology support programs and high-end urologic procedures. Dr. J. Antonio Alarcon and his compassionate staff are dedicated to helping men and women of all ages with diagnosing and treating the debilitating effects of urological diseases, including erectile dysfunction, penile implants, urinary incontinence, and BPH.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

Sep 28, 2020

Staff is nice! Place is clean! The nice lady up front is perfect for the job! She is a nice! I like the social distancing as well….
5 Stars

Feb 6, 2020

Dr Antonio Alarcon..es muy buen medico , un excelente urologo…dedicado a sus pacientes. Mi primera operacion de rinon fue el quien la hizo le doy las gracias con todo carino por sus atenciones y cuidados y aunque esa cirugia fue en 1988-1989 siempre le recuerdo con mucho respeto y carino…gracias y bendiciones…

5 Stars

Feb 6, 2020

I have BPH, benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. Dr Alarcon has treated me for 10 years with optimal results. He treated me with minimally invasive, cutting edge technology twice, decreasing my symptoms to minimal nicturia, after being almost blocked of voiding. All as outpatient in his excellent clinic, with utmost care and compassion. And he made sure first that I had no invasive cancer. Minimal or no pain. Long term care excellent results allowing me to have a normal life. Thank you Dr. Alarcon, God bless you.
5 Stars

Apr 24, 2019

Dr. Alarcon is a urology Specialist of the highest caliber. His extensive education and experience make him a top of the line surgeon. Dr. Alarcon is a man of great dignity. He is extremely Caring and understanding of his patients problems and concerns. He does everything in his power to lessen the pain and suffering from a procedure or surgery. Dr. Alarcon is a true gentleman who is highly educated and knowledgeable on on all levels in his specialty field – UROLOGIST Sincerely, Vincent Medina Doctor Alarcon’s ongoing patient. I recommend Dr. Alarcon very very highly. I give him a five star rating. I would give him more stars if I could.
5 Stars

Apr 23, 2019

He was very professional and took the time to answer all my questions. He explains things so I could understand and not leave his office unsure of my problem
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