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Don’t let erectile dysfunction be a barrier.

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a widespread problem that affects millions of men. It is not just a problem for men but also affects couples and families causing embarrassment and frustration. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur at any age and at any point in a man’s sexual life. The myth of ED as an “old man’s disease” has finally been shattered. The good news is that ED no longer has to be a barrier. New solutions are now available, such as a penile implant performed by Dr. Alarcon in Los Angeles.

Is a Penile Implant right for you?

A penile implant is a device that is placed into a man’s body and is designed to help him get an erection.  This device is prescribed by a physician for men who are suffering from impotence.

Alarcon Urology Center – A National Leader in Penile Implant Surgery & ED Treatment

Located in Montebello, California, the Alarcon Urology Center is a national leader in male sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction and impotence. Dr. J. Antonio Alarcon and his compassionate staff practice a patient-centered approach and perform a number of high-end procedures in our state-of-the-art facility near Los Angeles.

If you have further questions about penile implants or other erectile dysfunction treatments, contact our experts today to schedule an appointment.

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Common Questions About Penile Implants

A penile implant or prosthesis is one of the treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction. Penile prostheses are surgically implanted when ED is evident and unlikely to resolve after natural treatment options have been attempted, or in cases of penis reconstruction after excessive scarring due to over-curvature from Peyronie’s disease or damage.

Prosthesis surgeries performed by expert penile implant surgeons can be done in about an hour in an outpatient center. At the Alarcon Urology Center, we perform outpatient penile implant surgeries at a surgery center or hospital, and our patients are typically able to resume sexual intercourse with their partner around 6 weeks after surgery.

The average penile implant surgery cost varies, though much depends on the device chosen, location, and the patient’s specific needs. Though the cost of any surgery can be high, many patients find that penile prosthesis surgery pays off in the long run by eliminating their need for expensive erectile dysfunction medications and boosting their satisfaction levels. Furthermore, these procedures are often covered under medical health insurance plans so long as ED is diagnosed as the cause. Penile implant surgeries are typically covered under Medicare, but not Medicaid except in extreme circumstances. Contact the Alarcon Urology Center in Los Angeles to discuss all your options and specific costs for our penile implant surgical services.

Penile prosthesis devices are designed by two different medical manufacturers and come in either non-inflatable (malleable) or inflatable. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Non-Inflatable (Malleable) Penile Implant
    Malleable, or semi-rigid penile prosthesis devices are the simplest type of implant and consist of rods surgically placed in the erection chamber of the penis. Non-inflatable implants are a popular choice for men with spinal cord injuries, arthritis, and/or limited hand dexterity. The non-inflatable prosthesis surgery is fairly simple and less costly than other implants. The downsides are that semi-rigid implants can have an abnormal appearance and cause more discomfort/pain after surgery as the body gets used to a constant erection. Only 20 percent of penile prosthesis surgeries performed in the U.S. are for malleable implants.
  • 2-Piece Inflatable Penile Implant
    Inflatable implants are by far the most common choice for men today. These penile prosthetics allow men to have an erection when they choose, are easier to conceal, and are a more natural ED treatment option. A 2-piece inflatable penile implant consists of two main components: the cylinders, which fill up with saline to cause the erection, and the combined reservoir and pump unit. Disadvantages of the 2-piece option are that the penis is not a rigid as with a 3-piece implant when erect and certain cylinders may change the penis’ natural shape.
  • 3-Piece (Multi-Component) Inflatable Penile Implant
    Three-piece, or multi-component, implants are easier to inflate than 2-piece options and are the only implants that offer a completely normal look when the penis is flaccid and erect, resulting in the most comfort and satisfaction for the patient. A 3-piece inflatable prosthesis consists of three parts: the cylinders, the separated reservoir, and the pump. Because the 3-piece implant allows the penis to be flaccid, post-operative recovery is the easiest and quickest compared to other implant surgeries. This penile implant procedure is the most involved, so patients should seek out a urologist with an extensive surgical experience like Dr. J. Antonio Alarcon of the Alarcon Urology Center.

La Bombita“La Bombita” is another name given to the inflatable 3-piece implant. The use of “La Bombita” was popularized in the mid-90s by a Dominican actor. The actor chose the implant after suffering from prostate cancer, and has promoted its use as an effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

The operation of the penile prosthesis depends on which type of implant it is, but both malleable and inflatable devices are fairly straightforward and simple to use.

For the semi-rigid implant, you simply bend it up for an erection and bend it down when not in use.

For an inflatable prosthesis, the man presses the pump (located in the scrotum) to inflate the cylinders and cause an erection. To return to a normal flaccid state, the individual simply has to press a deflation valve at the base of the pump.

While no surgery is without risks entirely, penile prosthesis surgery is one of the safest and most minimally invasive surgical operations available. Regardless, complications can arise in rare cases and lead to device removal, such as scar tissue formation, infection, uncontrolled bleeding, erosion of tissue, and mechanical failure. Choosing a surgeon with extensive experience performing penile implant surgeries will greatly reduce the risk of these complications.

Choosing which penile implant is right for you depends on numerous factors. You’ll need to discuss these factors with Dr. Alarcon to determine which prosthesis will achieve optimal results.

At the Alarcon Urology Center, Dr. Alarcon and our team of specialists work closely with you to select the healthiest and most effective implant based on your individual needs and factors including:

  • Age (of you and your partner)
  • Natural penis size
  • Curvature of penis
  • Crus (buried) and pendulous penis ratio
  • Scrotum size
  • Medical history
  • Previous surgeries
  • Body type
  • Circumcised or uncircumcised
  • Overall health
  • Life expectancy
  • Presence of deformity (i.e. Peyronie’s disease)

One of the reasons many men choose penile implants for overcoming erectile dysfunction is that the prosthesis is hardly noticeable and nearly 100% effective. The implant is totally concealed under the skin and men who have penile implant surgery only see a small hidden scar where the penis meets the scrotal sac, or in the lower abdomen just above the penis. Most people won’t ever notice the mark.

A penile implant is made to mimic a natural erection, so having sex with a prosthesis should feel similar. Ejaculation is not affected by an implant, and men are still able to feel skin sensations and reach orgasm. Men often report shorter erections; however, new penile implant devices – like the Coloplast Titan implant and AMS penile implants – can increase the size, thickness and rigidity of the penis.

Once a penile prosthesis is implanted, though, a man’s natural erection reflex may be eliminated. So if the implant is ever removed, a man may never again be able to achieve an erection. That’s why it is important to talk to Dr. Alarcon about your concerns before having penile implant surgery.

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