TherMatrx FAQs

What does Dose Optimized Thermotherapy(TM) mean?

TherMatrx® closely studied its treatment to find the “best dose” of heat. This best dose gives the greatest relief of symptoms with the fewest side effects. The best dose also provides maximum patient comfort during treatment.

How does TherMatrx® DOT work?

During the treatment, your doctor will apply heat to a very specific area of your prostate. Heat is applied with a small, flexible catheter that is inserted into the urethra. No cutting or incision is needed. The catheter delivers the exact amount of heat required to destroy the prostate tissue necessary to provide long-lasting symptom relief.

Is this a safe treatment for BPH?

Yes. Tens of thousands of men have safely benefited from TherMatrx® DOT. The FDA has approved TherMatrx® DOT as a safe and effective treatment for BPH.

Where is the treatment done?

TherMatrx® DOT is a single treatment done in one visit in your doctor’s office. You do not need to be admitted into the hospital.

Will I still be able to have sex?

During the TherMatrx® DOT clinical study, no men treated with TherMatrx® DOT had erection or ejaculation problems as a result of the treatment.

Are there other side effects?

There are very few side effects with TherMatrx® DOT. Some patients may experience slight burning during urination and/or a small amount of blood in the urine or sperm for a short time after treatment. Bladder spasms and urgency of urination are also possible. All of these usually go away quickly on their own.

Will TherMatrx® DOT work for me?

Studies show that about 3 of every 4 men treated with TherMatrx® DOT experience symptom relief. Most patients report a very high level of satisfaction with their results.

Will my insurance cover TherMatrx® DOT?

Medicare and most private insurance plans cover TherMatrx® DOT for the treatment of BPH. In many cases, insurance pays the entire cost so there may not be any expense to you.

What is the treatment like?

Dr. J. Antonio Alarcon will give you mild oral drugs to help you relax. You will be relaxed and awake, so you may read or listen to music. At the beginning, you may feel warmth inside your groin area, but this goes away quickly. Most patients have only minor discomfort. When asked immediately after treatment, 99.5% of patients said that they would be treated again with TherMatrx® DOT.

Is TherMatrx® DOT right for me?

TherMatrx® DOT is not right for every BPH patient. Your doctor will perform tests to see if this is the right treatment for you.

How long before I see results?

Symptoms usually start to improve within 4 to 6 weeks and typically continue to improve for up to 6 months

Where can I find out more about TherMatrx® DOT?

Please contact us at (626) 284-9278. or E-Mail Us. We would be very happy to assist you.

What can I expect after the treatment?

You will be able to go home after the treatment. Your doctor will place a small urine drainage catheter. You may have the catheter for 2 to 5 days. The catheter does not cause discomfort to most patients. After taking it easy for 24 hours, most patients can resume normal activities.

If I have TherMatrx® DOT now, can I have other BPH treatments in the future?

If TherMatrx® DOT does not help you, you will still be able to pursue other treatment options.


TherMatrx® is a registered trademark of American Medical Systems/TherMatrx®. Dose Optimized Thermotherapy is a trademark of American Medical Systems/TherMatrx®.

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